Pistols on a Peruvian beach at dawn


The Peruvian Vice President, David Waisman, has rejected a challenge to a duel with another politician to settle a dispute over alleged insults.

An independent congressman, Eittel Ramos, challenged Mr Waisman to a duel with pistols, saying the vice president had insulted him after he criticised comments by President Alexander Toledo’s wife, Eliane Karp.

Mr Waisman said he was a civilised and peaceful man and his moral beliefs prevented him from trying to end another’s life.

It is not clear if duels are legal in Peru – the country’s last political duel was in 1957, when a future president, Fernando Belaunde, drew swords against a rival politician.

why i love Portland

may 2008

Charles Wood, the concerned citizen who witnessed a ninja biker on the loose down by Dante’s on SW 3rd this weekend, has been told by the mayor’s office that “as long as he’s not threatening anybody, he’s welcome in Portland.” Here’s the email:

Dear Mr. Wood: Thank you for emailing about the samurai you observed on a motorcycle. Mayor Potter has asked me to respond on his behalf. I can appreciate your concern. By all appearances, the samurai is not breaking any laws (including carrying a sword) and does not pose any immediate threat. Provided that the samurai does not engage in threatening behavior, the samurai is welcome in Portland. Sincerely, Jeremy Van Keuren, Public Advocate, Office of Mayor Tom Potter, Portland, Oregon

Mayor: Ninja Biker Welcome In Portland